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What is Khipu? 

The Tahuantinsuyo is the ancient name of Peru. It was the biggest empire to ever exist in the southern hemisphere. The purpose of growing the empire for the Inca was to intensify trade. As the Incas noticed the richness of the land, they notices that through redistribution and reciprocity they could create trading webs so interconnected that there would be no lack of any kind.

The intensification of trade and expansion of the empire could not have been possible without the Quipucamayoc and his Quipus. These Quipus are a system of knots, links, and ties. The Quipucamayoc was tasked with saving all types of information about history, trade, and general knowledge in his Quipus. Since the Incas did not have a writing system, it was through the records kept in the Quipus that the empire was able to expand to the extent it did.

As an organization and a family business we have the same purpose, connecting the trading webs in Peru, in order to present the finest Peruvian products to the world. All the while contributing to the sustainable development of Peru, and maintaining social justice as our biggest motivation. 


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